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Welcome to Grace's Wish


Grace is 9 years old and has a life limiting conditon called Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C).


Grace 2 xxx

We set up Grace’s Wish to raise funds, as we would love to take Grace and her sister Emily to Florida Disneyland and Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove.  


Grace also loves riding on a specially adapted bike at her school, Chellow Heights, and when I saw her delighted face, I knew it would change her life at home if we could provide one for her, as we would be able to take her on bike rides like most normal families do.  A specialised bike is quite expensive, and are very often beyond the reach of most families.


We want to fill her life with joy, as she does ours, and let her live life to the fullest while she can. My baby girl gets up every morning and greets us with a smile on her face.  Whatever life throws at her, she carries on smiling and brings happiness to everyone, she enjoys every moment.


She is a Brownie (thank you for including her in your group Cottingley Brownies!) and Grace has already achieved two badges, she loves joining in with her friends.  She loves swimming, music and singing, One Direction, Emily (her twin sister), her cousins (especially Mattie Sheldon when he sings to her), she proper belly laughs when someone falls over, gets hurt, cries, gets told off in class – she is really naughty!


Grace's wish fund currently stands at over £20,000.  Thank you to everyone who has made Grace's Wish come true and we will soon be taking here to swim with the Dolphins.  Thanks to everyone's generosity, we will also be supporting Martin House Children and Niemann PIck-UK and will continue with our fundraising to support these two great charities.